Photo of Pr. Kephous Ndinywa

Pr. Kephous Ndinywa

General Overseer - Prayer

Pastor Kephous Ndinywa is the current National Overseer of the Uganda Assemblies of God (UAOG) appointed in August 2018.

The UAOG is one of the largest Pentecostal denominations in Uganda with over 600 churches. The UAOG is part of a larger World Assemblies of God Fellowship with a membership of over 68 million. Pr. Kephous has served as a pastor in Iganga, Kibimba, Kapchorwa, and currently in Kitetika, Kampala, Uganda. He is also serving as the General Overseer for Prayer. He has also ministered in Brazil, Malaysia, and Singapore where he teaches on Church Planting.

Pr. Kephous is passionate about prayer; he is a prayer enthusiast and he effectively equips leaders to grow in this particular area. He has been trained in both Africa Theological Centre (ATC) and in the Pastoral Leadership Program (PLP) in Singapore’s ATC. Pastor Kephous is married to his wife, Rebecca Ndinywa, with whom they have one son.