GOD IS DOING GREAT THINGS IN BRAZIL. 2014 is a year of multiplication. It’s great to hear and be part of what God is doing in Brazil. In the just concluded training it is evident that God is raising an army of church planters for the end times. As training was going on we sensed a fresh desire and hunger in the hearts of the people to take up the call of God for this new paradigm shift in church planting movement. Click here for a deeper naration and pictorial of what took place in Brazil CPM training


    VICTORY CITY CHURCH is one church which meets in different regions around Kampala, Uganda. In 2000, it had 6 regions. Currently it has 11 regions with the most recent being Victory City Church - Kira. Click here know more about Victory City Church - Kira


    This is a seminar that was held in Lira Christian Center. The pastors' wives received free bibles.

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Gulu Sub Region outreach

Plans to reach out to Acholi Sub Region in Northern Uganda is underway. In the recently concluded National Leadership Council (NLC) that took place between 12th - 14th. of February 2014, Divisional Overseers of the differnt UAOG divisions met in their provincial groupings. Guided by their Provincial Overseers, they discussed on how theywould take every sub county in the sub region for Christ.

Victory City Church shall take part in this exercise. They shall take up a district in this region

Updates on our division in Eastern DR Congo

There has been a series of Civil wars in Eastern Congo ever since 11th. July 2013. This has affected our churches in that many people were displaced. Some crossed over to Uganda where they ended up in refugee camps. After seeking for God's direction, we chose to stay in the area. Despite the war, we are still progressing in the work of God. We thank him for his protection.

Division 27 outreach updates

We had a confrence and crusade in Buhugu sub county on the 26th and 27th of NOvember 2013. God healed and saved many around 15 people got saved of which 6 people are in church now.

On the 5th of February 2014, we sent an evangelism team to Bumahimba sub county and 32 people gave their lives to Christ. The same team went ahead and reached out t Bukise sub county and a new church has been planted as a result of this. This church is pastored by James Gimei.

Please pray for the church in Sri Lanka

A mob led by monks carried out attacks on the Assembly of God church in Hikkaduwa as well as the Calvary Free Church Hikkaduwa, in Southern Sri Lanka on 12th January 2014. Eyewitnesses said that the mob stormed the premises while a Sunday service was underway, threatened the worshipers and damaged church property. The monks demanded the closure of the churches that have been in existence for over 17 years. The two churches were severely damaged and sound equipment, musical instruments, furniture, bibles and religious literature were destroyed.
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The Gospel is power of God unto the salavation of every living being. Click here to receive it.

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Move to any district in Uganda and you shall definitely find a UAOG church. Click below for faster access.

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We have put up some ministry materials to assist you in your ministry. Click below to access.

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Africa Theological Centre for Evangelism and Missions was started in 1992 in Jinja Uganda with the...

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